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Soil Policy Framework

peatlandTo enable soils to adapt to pressures under a changing climate, we published a Scottish Soil Framework in 2009 to raise awareness about the services provided, and pressures faced, by soils.

The Scottish Soil Framework's actions are listed in its strategic environmental assessment post-adoption Statement.

Peatlands constitute one-third of Scotland's soils, and provide many economic, environmental and cultural ecosystem services, and are important habitats for our wildlife. For more information, see the Scottish Government's discussion paper on the Management of Carbon-Rich Soils.

The Scottish Government is committed to tackling climate change and supporting wider international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To that end, SG supported the UK IPCC input to an expert workshop held in Geneva in October 2010 where the impact on greenhouse gas emissions through the restoration of peatlands was considered.

The State of Scotland's Soils Report was published in March 2011. Production of this report was coordinated by SEPA with input from other interested parties.