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1 million acres short life working group

Sheep, Barguillean Farm, Glen Lonan. Photographer - Matt Cartney. Crown Copyright.

  • Scotland’s communities can be stronger, more resilient and more independent through the acquisition and management of their land. The Scottish Government has an important role in ensuring that communities who have the ambition to take on ownership of their land can access the support they need to do so.
  • It’s estimated that there are currently about 500,000 acres of land in community ownership across Scotland. To demonstrate our commitment to supporting community land ownership the then First Minister announced in June 2013 a target of 1 million acres of land into community ownership by 2020.
  • In May 2014 the Land Reform Review Group made a recommendation in their final report that we set up a short life working group to improve existing information on community land ownership and to develop a strategy for achieving the 1million acre target.
  • In November 2014 we also announced a commitment to develop a dedicated resource within the Scottish Government to promote and facilitate community land ownership across the whole of Scotland [Programme for Government].

We have designed a collaborative approach to take the Land Reform Review Group recommendation forward and the 1 million acre short life working group commenced on 23 March 2015

“I believe it is possible, I believe it is necessary for us to set a target of one million acres of Scotland in community land ownership by 2020”

Alex Salmond, former First Minister

Speaking at the Community Land Scotland Annual Conference, 2013

Alex Salmond, Former First Minister of Scotland