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EU and UK Climate Change Policies

EU and UK climate change policies create a strong framework for emissions reduction and improved energy efficiency of business and industry.

The legal framework continues to develop and change to reflect progress in the international climate negotiations in the UNFCCC, as the EU and UK seek to implement their agreed international obligations under the Kyoto Protocol Phase II and ahead of the expected UNFCCC global, legally-binding climate change agreement in Paris in December 2015.

The Scottish Government works closely with the UK Government both to influence the shape and outcome of the EU negotiations and EU legislation, and on its implementation.  The Scottish Government also takes a strong interest in ensuring that relevant UK legislation and regulation achieves our shared climate change objectives in the most cost-effective manner, in a way that maintains the competitiveness of our business and industry in international markets.

The Scottish Government has a statutory role in many of the above EU and UK frameworks, and works strongly with the other devolved administrations and regulators as part of UK-wide implementation mechanisms which ensure regulatory consistency across the UK for business and industry.  The Scottish Government also collaborates effectively with SEPA to ensure that we take a proportionate and efficient approach to regulation for business and industry across the different frameworks.