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Low Carbon Society

"Natural resourcefulness is a defining Scottish trait - it's in our nature; in the disproportionate richness of our landscapes and habitats and in the way we reuse and recycle everyday commodities. It defines our environment through the winds and waters of our hills and glens and the wind, waves and tides of our islands and our coast. We have won the natural lottery. That is why Scotland is ideally placed to grasp the opportunities of a new industrial age."

Scottish Ministers, November 2010


The threat that climate change poses to the people of Scotland, our quality of life and our environment is clear. For this reason, we will continue to support international efforts to prevent the very real economic and social impacts of climate change on present and future generations, and on the biodiversity within our environment. It is imperative that we act both locally and globally to reduce damaging greenhouse gas emissions by moving to a low carbon economy.

A low carbon Scotland will capitalise on both our natural resources and the talents and skills of our people. It will make better use of our precious natural resources both at home and abroad, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and provide us with greater resilience to volatile energy and commodity prices.

A low carbon Scotland will reduce the amount of energy people need to use in their homes, schools, workplaces, and public buildings and, in doing so, help to reduce levels of fuel poverty. It will improve our public spaces and improve public health by reducing traffic pollution, increasing active travel and increasing woodland cover, particularly in and around urban areas. Tree planting, peatland restoration and increasingly sustainable land use will also benefit our biodiversity.

Simply put, a low carbon Scotland is a better Scotland and an investment in the future. The Scottish Government has made the transition to a low carbon economy a strategic priority in our Government Economic Strategy.