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Engaging on Key Household Climate Change Behaviours

The Climate Change Act includes a requirement to identify actions people in Scotland may take to contribute to the achievement of the climate change targets, and to encourage them to contribute to the achievement of those targets.

Identifying key actions

The first step in delivering this was identifying the key actions that households can make to contribute to reducing emissions.

The Ten Key Behaviour Areas (10KBAs) highlight where individuals and households can make a difference.  These behaviours were identified through the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Behaviour Research Programme (CCRBP) in 2010.  The behaviour areas are intended as a guide on where public engagement and influencing activity is of most value.  An update describing ongoing work within the programme was published in 2011.

Encouraging uptake of key climate change behaviours

The Greener Together campaign aims to engage the public more generally on the suite of Greener Together communications (website, TV, radio, 1-to-1 advice, social media).

The Greener Scotland website is the Scottish Government’s one-stop website for Scottish households on greener living. This site combines a wide range of information and resources to help everyone in the country go greener together, covering how to save energy, reduce waste, travel smarter and eat greener.  The website combines practical tips and useful tools– like our What’s In Season webapp, well-insulated virtual house and other interactive resources.

Following on from the success of the ‘Too Good to Waste’ series in 2012, the Scottish Government, in collaboration with STV, ran a new series of 3 x 30 minute programmes – ‘Too Good to Waste – Passing It On’ in 2013.  These programmes were designed to create wider awareness of the benefits of undertaking the ten key green behaviours and to motivate behaviour change.  The programmes can be viewed online at http://www.greenerscotland.org/why-live-greener/too-good-to-waste/passing-it-on-programmes.

Supporting the climate change engagement programme

With a range of researching supporting the engagement on the key behaviour areas including:

  • Climate Change Segmentation: pen portraits

The climate change behaviours segmentation tool brings together a wide range of information to help us understand more about the attitudes and behaviours of people across Scotland in relation to carbon emissions.  The segmentation tool divides households in Scotland into nine segments, each assumed to have a broadly similar characteristics and attitudes around the key climate change behaviours.  The tool includes pen portraits setting out for each segment: the key demographics; most effective media channels; local authority mapping; carbon footprint; and climate change behaviours.

  • Greener communications - Motivating low carbon behaviours

As part of its public engagement on climate change, the Scottish Government has been running social marketing campaigns to inform people about the low carbon behaviours they can adopt and to motivate them to take up these actions.  Research into influencing behaviours and communications has been carried out to inform these campaigns.

Motivating Low Carbon Behaviour Change

Motivating Low Carbon Behaviours

If you would like html versions of either of the documents above you can request them by emailing climate.change@gov.scot.

  • Key Low Carbon Behaviours

The Low Carbon Behaviours - Key Data for Scotland report, published on 4 October 2013, provides trend data, where available, for the Scottish Government's 10 Key Climate Change Behaviours areas.  The key areas span home energy, personal transport, food and consumption.

This trend data was updated in 2016.