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Protected Nature Sites


Scotland has a unique natural heritage. Its landscape and coastline have been shaped by dramatic geological events and provide a home for a wealth of land and sea animals, many of which are migratory and some which are unique or rare to this part of the world.

The Scottish Government is responsible for policies that preserve marine habitats and the animals that are supported by them, including marine protected areas, within the wider context of biodiversity and sustainable development.

It is also responsible for policies on terrestrial protected areas and the animals that rely upon them.

Environmental NGO Open Letter

Following the outcome of the UK referendum on the European Union, a group of environmental NGOs wrote an open letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Roseanna Cunningham, seeking clarification of the Scottish Government's position on environmental protection as provided by the EU Nature, Water and Marine Directives.

The Cabinet Secretary's response is published here:

Scottish Government Response to Environmental NGO Open Letter