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Heads up for Harriers - What would we like you to do?

What would we like you to do?

We would like you to send records to one of the established schemes as follows:

Hen harriers seen? Male / female / pair together?

Behaviour? Was the bird flying low when hunting (they quarter just a couple of metres above the ground, dropping quickly on a vole, young rabbit or small bird), or higher up moving from one area to another. Was it calling by ‘chittering’, or skydancing?

Place, date and time of sighting? Six figure grid reference ideally (or details of location e.g. name from OS map of the nearest hill or burn, footpath, road or other details so that we could revisit the area to make follow-up observations where needed), with date and time.

You can report sightings to the BTO’s Bird Track or the Scottish Ornithologists' Club (SOC) Local Recorders Network.

This project only covers Scotland. Please report sightings from England to the RSPB via their hen harrier hotline on 0845 4600121 or email

If you see anything suspicious involving wildlife, report it to the Police:

We want to see many more hen harriers in Scotland – adding to our enjoyment of wildlife in moorland Scotland.