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Heads Up for Harriers

As the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime (PAW) Scotland we want to stop all crime against wildlife. We are particularly determined to stamp out illegal persecution of birds of prey.

The hen harrier is one of these birds.  It is also one of our most alluring raptors - with the male’s skydancing courtship display one of nature’s great sights.

The Heads Up for Harriers project aims to better understand the threats facing Scotland’s hen harriers – and ultimately promote recovery of the species - by working in partnership with land managers.

ContentsFemale Hen Harrier Flight. Copyright Laurie Campbell


We are grateful to Laurie Campbell for supplying the images of hen harriers which are copyright of and cannot be reproduced without his permission, and to the RSPB for providing us with video footage. We thank you for taking the trouble to help us with this work.