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Wildlife Crime Detectives Education Pack

Wildlife Crime DetectivesWildlife Crime Detectives. © Jackie Scott, PicaDesign (picades@ifb.co.uk)

So what is Wildlife Crime?

Wildlife crime is any crime that takes place against wild birds, animals and plants. It even includes some rare insects and important habitats. Crimes against wildlife can take place in the countryside, cities or even gardens, in fact any where that you can find wildlife!

Often it can involve cruelty and suffering to wild birds and animals.

Wildlife crime can sometimes be linked to other types of crime, and for this reason you should never approach anyone who you think might be involved in a crime (also known as a ‘suspect’).

Sometimes people don’t even realise that they have committed a crime or that their actions can be harmful. That’s why Police Scotland have special Wildlife Crime Officers to combat Wildlife Crime through raising awareness, education and policing.

Police Scotland Wildlife Crime Officers cover a huge area, in fact all 30,414 square miles of Scotland but they can’t be everywhere at once!

Which is why we need YOU to help us out, by learning to become Wildlife Detectives.

If you do come across a wildlife crime, there a few important things you must do:

Green tick - 2 toneTell a responsible adult and ask them to phone the police.

Green tick - 2 toneNote down where you saw the crime or find it on a map.

Green tick - 2 toneNote down the time and date.

Green tick - 2 toneNote down a description of any people (suspects) involved.

Green tick - 2 toneNote down a description of any vehicle involved.

Green tick - 2 toneIf possible photograph the scene, or make a rough sketch.


Red cross - 2 toneDo not disturb the scene by moving things or walking around the scene.

Red cross - 2 toneDo not touch dead animals or birds.

Red cross - 2 toneDo not touch legal traps and snares.

Red cross - 2 toneNever approach suspects - you may put yourself in danger.


Why not check out our Wildlife Crime Detectives Pack, it’s full of exciting activities for you to do?

Remember to watch the video first, to learn more about Wildlife Crime!

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