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This content is not being updated. Find out more about the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN).

Central Scotland Green Network

The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) is one of Europe’s biggest greenspace projects.

It covers 10,000 square kilometres over 19 local authority areas, stretching from Ayrshire and Inverclyde in the west to Fife and the Lothians in the east, and is home to 3.5 million people.

The CSGN is changing the face of Central Scotland, restoring and transforming the landscape towards the vision that:

‘By 2050, Central Scotland has been transformed into a place where the environment adds value to the economy and where people’s lives are enriched by its quality.’

The Network’s importance to Scotland is highlighted by its position as a national development within the National Planning Framework 3 and its focus on delivering environmental improvements in disadvantaged communities and tackling inequalities places it at the heart of delivering the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government.

Delivering these ambitions involves public agencies and stakeholders working together to align their policies, programmes and actions to achieve a common aim.  Detail about how this is done and the goals for the CSGN are set out in the Programme Plan. More information is also available on the dedicated CSGN website.