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Invasive Non-Native Species - Q & A


What is the Scottish Government seeking to achieve in this section?

The Scottish Government wants to strengthen and improve mechanisms for the prevention and control of invasive non-native species (INNS). This section sets out specific proposals for how that can be achieved. It also sets out proposals for increasing protection against non-native species (including deer) through secondary legislation.

What policy issues does this section of the consultation cover?

The main issues on which views are sought are:

  • Strengthening the current legislation aiming to prevent release of invasive non-native species and providing powers to control non-native species
  • Additional powers relating to causing and permitting an offence
  • Overlap with other legislation or where legislation could be extended
  • Changes via secondary legislation

Where can I access this section of the consultation document?

Invasive Non-Native Species section of the consultation document

For Futher information please visit the Invasive Non-native Species Webpages.