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Policy and Action in Great Britain and Scotland

Great Britain

Non-native species action is coordinated at the GB level, to ensure good coordination in a geographical area that makes sense ecologically. A GB Programme Board, made up of senior representatives from across GB Administrations and their agencies, is in place to give strategic consideration of the threat of invasive non-native species across GB.

This Board is supported by the independent Non-Native Species Secretariat . Much of the work carried out across GB is led by the Invasive Non-Native Species Framework Strategy for Great Britain, launched in 2015 by the Scottish Government, Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government. This is the second GB wide strategy, the first having been published in 2008.


Non-Native Species Action Group

A Scottish Working Group was set up in March 2006 to ensure effective policy co-ordination and practical implementation in Scotland. In 2013 this group was invited to become part of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy governance structure and was renamed the Non-Native Species Action Group.

More information on the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy, the Committee and its groups visit the Biodiversity Scotland website.

If you would like more information, please email invasivespecies@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Statutory Group on Non-Native Species

In July 2012, the Wildlife and Countryside Act was amended to introduce new statutory powers relating to non-native species.  The Statutory Group was established to oversee the use of those powers and coordinate work between the statutory bodies with specific responsibilities for non-native species in Scotland.  The Group is also charged with overseeing work under the River Basin Management Plan supplementary plan for invasive non-native species.