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Check, Clean & Dry Campaign

Check, Clean & Dry LogoMinister for Environment

Stewart Stevenson, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, launches the Check Clean Dry campaign in Scotland.

Scotland has a wealth of water bodies and waterways that play host to a variety of plants and animals, these in turn help to support a diversity of birds and other wildlife throughout the seasons.

Invasive aquatic species can have a devastating impact on Scottish plants and animals, they have the potential to alter the balance of an ecosystem as they often grow faster or are more aggressive than our native species. Invasive aquatic species also have the potential to render waterways unusable, for example by clogging up propellers and restricting navigation.

Animals, plant fragments, eggs and larvae are easily transported from one place to another on boats, equipment, shoes, clothing and other damp places where they can survive for days, if not weeks.

By carrying out these three simple steps when you leave the water you can help to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species:

Check, Clean & Dry

For more information go to www.nonnativespecies.org and click Check Clean Dry

The Scottish poster of the Check Clean Dry campaign is available online. You can help this campaign by emailing or printing off the poster and distributing it appropriately.