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Who Does What

The following info is taken from the SEPA document Introducing the new approach to flood risk management.

SEPA flooding report

We are all responsible for protecting ourselves and our property from flooding. This means taking action to ensure we do all we can to help minimise flood damage to our land or property. Public bodies will do what they can to reduce the overall impacts of floods and ensure that, where possible, the risks are minimised.

Responsibilities for implementing the new approach to flood risk management are shared:

Public and communities - engaging with the process, sharing the local knowledge and taking action

The public and local communities will be given every opportunity to be actively engaged in the process of producing and implementing flood risk management plans. The public has an important role in sharing local knowledge and engaging in flood protection actions for their areas.

Local authorities - ensuring local accountability

Local authorities will continue to play a central role in managing flood risk in your local area and will lead on the preparation of local flood risk management plans. These plans will supplement the national plans prepared by SEPA and will ensure that objectives and actions are locally targeted and delivered.

Scottish Water - a key role in flood risk management

Scottish Water will be responsible for assessing the risk of flooding from surface water and combined (surface water and foul) sewers that results from higher than usual rainfall events. Once risks are identified, Scottish Water, working with local authorities and SEPA, will look for opportunities to reduce those risks through its capital investment programme. This will be co-ordinated with other work to address surface water flooding.

SEPA - a strategic role in flood risk management

SEPA has been given significant new responsibilities. Central to SEPA's new role is the delivery of information and co-ordination of flood risk management in Scotland. Key to the success of this work will be the development of a close and productive working relationship with local authorities, Scottish Water and other public bodies, alongside stakeholders and the public. SEPA will continue to provide flood forecasting and warning services, and these are being improved constantly.

Scottish Government - guiding the implementation process

Scottish Ministers are responsible for setting the policy framework for implementing this new approach to flooding, and will ultimately be responsible for approving the objectives and actions set out in flood risk management plans.