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EU Interreg funding secured

The Scottish Government, Tweed Forum and SEPA have secured additional funding of €400,000 over 4 years from the EU North Sea Region’s Interreg project Building with nature. This money will be used to improve and build resilience into the Eddleston Water project monitoring network, which helps us collect scientific evidence to support the implementation of natural flood management measures. It also helps us collect additional data to improve our understanding of the multiple benefits of natural flood management. 

Further details of the project can be found on the Tweed Forum’s website here.

Flood Risk Management Plan for Scotland published

The overarching Flood Risk Management Plan for Scotland brings together the 14 local Flood Risk Management Strategies, which were officially launched in Selkirk on Monday 11 January 2016 by the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Aileen McLeod MSP. The plan is published in three parts.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Natural Flood Management - Assessing the mechanisms for compensating land managers

The Scottish Government commissioned Risk & Policy Analysts (RPA), in association with Royal HaskoningDHV and Allathan Associates, to conduct a study looking at compensation mechanisms for land managers who allow natural flood management measures to be implemented on their land. 

The study has produced four papers which can be found on our Research page here.

Research Published - Assessing Property Level Flood Protection

The Scottish Government commissioned JBA Consulting to assess the benefits of property-level protection as an option for managing flood risk in Scotland. The final evidence and technical reports are published here.

Mapping flood disadvantage in Scotland 2015

We have published research that maps coastal, river and surface water related flood disadvantage in Scotland based on a range of up-to-date socio-economic and environmental data. The resulting map outputs, accompanied by a user guide, will support local authorities, service providers and other agencies in work around flood resilience and response. The study was undertaken by Cardiff University, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester.

The research can be found here.

The Local Flood Risk Management Plans: Publicity and Consultation Direction 2014

The Scottish Ministers have issued a Direction to local authorities in exercise of the powers conferred by section 35(1) of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.  The Direction came into force on 2 October 2014.

A copy of the Direction is available here.

The Flood Risk Management (Hazard Maps: Specification of Flood Probability)(Scotland) Direction 2013

The Scottish Ministers, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 40 of the Environment Act 1995, have issued a Direction to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency under the terms of the section 2(1)(a) of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.  The Direction came into force on 11 December 2013.

A copy of the Direction is available here.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation Research Published - Flood disadvantage in Scotland: mapping the potential losses in well-being

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has recently published a report commissioned by the Scottish Government to map flood disadvantage across Scotland. The research looks at the communities most socially and spatially vulnerable to potential flood events in terms of their underlying characteristics (i.e. socio-demographic data such as age and health, spatial and physical characteristics of the neighbourhood), with a focus on mapping flood disadvantage (i.e. socio-spatial vulnerability combined with the probability of being flooded).

Please follow the link below to access the Report.

Flood disadvantage in Scotland: mapping the potential losses in well-being

Flood Insurance Provision and Affordability. Beyond the Statement of Principles: Implications for Scotland

The Scottish Government commissioned the University of Dundee through CREW to undertake a research project, to assess the possible social implications that may follow the end of the Scottish Statement of Principles on the provision of Flood Insurance in 2013. Full Details

Landowner Compensation and Approaches for Flood Protection Work

The Scottish Government commissioned the land management firm Smiths Gore to undertake a research project, which assesses different approaches to compensating landowners for allowing their land to be used for flood risk management (FRM) purposes. Full Details

Project Appraisal for Flood Protection Schemes - Guidance

This document provides local authorities with guidance on project appraisal for flood protection schemes taken forward under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009. It is a revised version of Flood Prevention Schemes: Guidance for Local Authorities - Chapter 5: Economic Appraisal (published by the Scottish Government in 2005), and has been released as interim guidance whilst new guidance is developed on appraisal for the whole of the flood risk management planning process. Full Details

Flood Risk Management Planning in Scotland: Arrangements for 2012-2016 - Guidance

This joint SEPA/Scottish Government guidance details the involvement of local partnerships and advisory groups, as well as the planned co-ordination with River Basin Management Planning and land-use planning. The guidance sets out the principal arrangements that will support the delivery of flood risk management at the local level.