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Balmullo Community Council


Balmullo Community Council received a grant from the Community Environmental Renewal Scheme to plant a hedge around Balmullo Primary School.

Balmullo Community CouncilThe work was carried out by a local contractor and with the advice of the Fife Countryside Ranger. Work started on April 4 2003 with the involvement of some of the primary school children who started the planting of the hedge, and was completed on the weekend of April 12. Several different plants (hawthorn, blackthorn, beech, hazel, holly and privet) were chosen to ensure a variety of appearance and seasonal patterns in the hedge.

The contractor would return in the autumn to assess the progress of the hedge during the summer and to replace plants as necessary.


A reduction in the impact on the school and the children of noise and dust directly caused by the local quarry and associated traffic which passes the school, and an increase in the children's understanding of the effect of such pollution on people and communities. It was not possible to say immediately that this output had been achieved - the hedge needed to reach a level of maturity for this to happen.

Balmullo Community Council

A secondary output was for the hedge to provide a protective border to a wildlife garden which has been established at the southwest corner of the school grounds. This Grounds for Learning project has involved work by both children and parents, and actively supports the environmental studies programme in the school. The garden was completed after the hedge was planted and has already featured in the life of the school.


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