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Leading by Example

Scottish Government building - Victoria Quay in LeithLeading by Example is a Scottish Government enabling programme to improve Scottish public sector environmental and sustainability performance across four main areas of the Scottish public sector - the core Scottish Government, public bodies, local authorities and NHS Scotland.

This work responds to and addresses commitments made by Environment Secretary, Richard Lochhead MSP at the outset of the current administration that the Scottish public sector should lead by example in the field of environmental performance, and be an exemplar of good practice.

The workstream, as primarily an enabling one, supports and influences the actions of those in the core Scottish Government and beyond who have responsibility for delivering on environmental and sustainability aspects to bring about a step change in their approach to, and level of, environmental performance. The success of the work will ultimately be judged by the extent to which improving environmental performance becomes a mainstream part of day-to-day business and activity in the public sector, and the consequent improvements in that performance.

The work directly supports the Leading by Example: High Level Group (Internal), Chaired by Paul Gray, Director-General, Rural Affairs, Environment and Services - focusing on the Scottish Government's own environmental performance.

It also links to the High Level Group - Sustainable Scotland, established in early 2010 and which replaced the Greener Scotland Board and Leading by Example: High Level Group (External).

Internal High Level Group - remit and membership

Minutes of meetings:

Internal High Level Group

Fifth Meeting, November 15, 2010

Fourth Meeting, March 1, 2010

Third Meeting, October 5, 2009

Second Meeting, June 23, 2009

First Meeting, December 16, 2008

External High Level Group

Second Meeting, November 10, 2009

First Meeting, May 5, 2009

This group has since been wound up and its interests are now covered by the High Level Group - Sustainable Scotland.