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Regional Pilot Projects

The two regional land use pilot projects in Aberdeenshire and the Scottish Borders were concluded in March 2015. The two local authorities have tested an innovative approach to land use decision-making. The aim of the pilots was to consider land use in a collective and integrated way and to explore land use choices which would deliver multiple benefits.

Both Councils worked closely with local stakeholders to consider the land use choices for their areas. They have developed regional land use frameworks and have developed innovative GIS mapping tools to better inform decision making. The pilot projects have primarily considered land uses which fall outwith the statutory planning system, for example agriculture, forestry, peatland restoration, the water environment, biodiversity, etc.

By taking this wider view of our surroundings the pilots aimed to achieve a more efficient and optimal use of the land, benefitting the local economy, environment and society. Information about the mapping tools and frameworks developed by the pilots can be found on the webpages for the Aberdeenshire and the Scottish Borders pilots.