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The Land Use Strategy 2011

The first Land Use Strategy was published in March 2011. It initiated a step change towards a more integrated and strategic approach to land use.

Statutory Consultation

The development of the first Land Use Strategy followed a public consultation which received 176 responses from a variety of different stakeholders. Information on the consultation process, the non-confidential responses, and the analysis can be found here:

If you prefer a hard copy of the responses you may view copies of the responses by visiting the Scottish Government Library, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ, or can also be provided by post. Charges for photocopies are made on a cost-recovery basis. To request copies by post and enquire about charges, or to make an appointment to view responses at the library, contact the Library on 0131 244 4556 or SGLibrary@scotland.gov.uk.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was an integral part of developing the first Strategy - a scoping report was published in March 2010 and an Environmental Report was published as part of the public consultation.


Stakeholder engagement

Eleven public workshops to discuss the early views of interested parties were held around the country in Spring 2010, and a summary report published. A short study was also conducted on land use strategies outside Scotland. This was followed by a 12 week statutory consultation on the draft Strategy.


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 requires public bodies in Scotland to carry out Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) on their plans, programmes and strategies. SEA is a way of examining plans and strategies as they develop, to identify any significant effects they may have on the environment. It ensures that environmental considerations are taken into account. SEA also aims to build in mitigation measures, to avoid or minimise any potentially significant adverse effects on the environment, and look for opportunities to enhance a strategy's environmental performance.

The environmental assessment progressed alongside the development of the draft Strategy during Summer 2010. The findings were set out in the Environmental Report which was supported by a Scenario's Assessment and a Non-Technical Summary. The report was consulted on alongside the draft Land Use Strategy in Autumn-Winter 2010.

An Analysis Report was then prepared which represented the full range of views received on the Environmental Report through the consultation. This report was used in the finalisation of the Land Use Strategy. Following the publication of the Land Use Strategy a post-adoption Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement was prepared.


Land Use Strategy Action Plan

The Land Use Strategy Action Plan set out delivery of the 13 Proposals in the first Land Use Strategy. It was developed by Scottish Government and its partners, who worked together to take forward its implementation.

The Action Plan brought together an integrated set of commitments from across Government policy, all of which contributed to the Government's long term agenda on land use. We believe that the Land Use Strategy is the first of its kind in Europe, breaking new ground by bringing together for the first time all land use related commitments under a single unifying framework.

The Scottish Government published annual progress statements for the first Land Use Strategy.


Delivery Evaluation Research

Between 2012 and 2014 the Scottish Government commissioned an independent practical assessment of the Land Use Strategy (LUS) to evaluate whether a range of existing delivery mechanisms had been effective in translating the strategic Principles of the LUS into decision-making on the ground. The LUS Delivery Evaluation Project adopted a case study based approach which means that findings are illustrative of land use delivery in Scotland and not definitive.

The final report was published in May 2014 and can be found here: