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The Land Use Strategy Indicators

The Land Use Strategy indicators represent key aspects of the Strategy and taken together they provide evidence of progress towards the delivery of the Strategy’s three Objectives. The table below shows how the ten indicators relate to the Objectives. Links to more detailed information on each indicator, as well as contextual information and related data are provided in the table. If appropriate indicators or datasets become available they will be added to the dataset, or if existing data collection ceases it will be amended. The data will be updated when information becomes available.

  1. Land-based businesses working with nature to contribute more to Scotland’s prosperity

  2. Responsible stewardship of Scotland’s natural resources delivering more benefits to Scotland’s people

  3. Urban and rural communities better connected to the land, with more people enjoying the land and positively influencing land use

Indicator Objectives
Land use, land use change and forestry greenhouse gas emissions 1, 2, 3
Gross Value Added in agriculture and forestry 1
Scottish tourism visits 1, 3
High nature value farming and forestry 1, 2
Natural capital asset index 2
Water ecological status 2
Terrestrial breeding birds 2
Volunteering in nature 2, 3
Visits to the outdoors 3
Community inclusion in land use decision making 3