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Management of Access to Land in Scotland - Core Paths

Under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 every local authority and National Park authority (access authority) in Scotland was required to draw up a plan for a system of core paths that gives the public reasonable access throughout their area. Core paths plans as a whole must cater for everyone, including those with disabilities. In drawing up their core paths plans access authorities must consider everyone who seeks to exercise their access rights and consult on their plan with the local access forum and local communities.

Each access authorities has now adopted a core path plan and a full list is available. Core paths are often signposted and are usually the most popular paths in an area.

Access authorities may review their core paths plan and if they do so must hold a further consultation. Where a valid objection is made and not withdrawn the core paths plan will go to Local Inquiry and will not be adopted unless directed to do so by Scottish Ministers.