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Coastal & Marine National Park

CoastlineThe previous administration consulted on proposals to establish a Coastal and Marine National Park at the end of 2006. After analysing the responses to the consultation, the previous administration announced in March 2007 that further work was needed to resolve concerns among fisheries, aquaculture and tourism businesses relating to the economic impact of a Park.

Where there is local support the new administration is not against a Coastal and Marine National Park in principle, but the need to simplify the complex regulatory system for the marine environment is a higher priority. To help achieve this, the Scottish Government has committed to bringing forward dedicated marine legislation. As set out in The Government's Programme for Scotland (2007), this will involve consultation with all relevant interests.

Proposals for a Coastal and Marine National Park in Scotland will be revisited once the work to improve the wider legislative framework for the marine environment is completed.

Copies of the previous administration's consultation paper and summary report of responses are available through the following links.