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Children and Young People

Why are we doing this?

The Scottish Government wants the best start in life for all children and young people.

We know that in Scotland we have good nurseries and good schools but we want them to be better. We want everyone to have the best chance to succeed.

How does the review affect you?

This review is about finding out what people think about education in Scotland.  Most importantly we want to hear from you about how schools in Scotland should be run and how they can be improved to help you succeed – what is good, what is not and what can we do to make it better? In particular, we want to hear from children and young people and how you can support change in your school or classroom.

We want to hear your views on how we can make education  better for all children and young people in Scotland, to help make sure that it’s fair for everyone.


Governance Review cartoon


Getting involved

We are looking forward to working in partnership with Young Scot, Children in Scotland and the Scottish Youth Parliament to make sure that as many children and young people as possible have a chance to get involved.

You can also tell us what you think by:

The governance review will run until Friday the 6th of January 2017.