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Partnership Matters

Partnership Matters is a guidance document which describes the roles and responsibilities of all agencies supporting people with additional support needs who wish to study, or are currently studying at Scotland's colleges or universities. Partnership Matters is about removing barriers faced by people with additional support needs. This is not solely the responsibility of the colleges or universities, all agencies have a role to play whether by providing personal care, health care, transport or other forms of support. Partnership Matters was first published in January 2005 and revised in 2007. A further revised version was published in May 2009.

The revised document provides updated guidance which is extended to include universities and includes additional case studies to illustrate how support might be provided.

The Partnership Matters guidance document was last updated in May 2009 and new updated guidance material will now be posted on this website. For recent updates, please click on the relevant sections to the left of this page.

Alongside Partnership Matters we have also produced information leaflets for potential and current students of further and higher education, parents and carers which provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of all the agencies. Supporting You at College and Supporting You at University are available on the Scottish Government website.