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Scotland's Saltire Scholarships

 Scholarships programme

The primary aim of the scholarship programme is to raise the profile of Scotland as a place to live, work and study in key overseas markets - in line with the International Framework - and to showcase the best of Scottish higher education. This is a substantial programme of scholarships, offered on a matched funding basis between the Government and Scottish Higher Education Institutions. The scheme entails 100 awards of £4,000 per award allocated across key priority countries - Canada, China, India, Pakistan and the United States of America.

The scholarships are designed to support the promotion of Scotland as a learning nation and a science nation and are therefore targeted at the priority sectors of creative industries, life sciences, technology, financial services and renewable and clean energy. The flexibility of selection criteria means that institutions can align the Saltire scheme awards with their own strategic market development plans.

More details and an application form can be found on the Scotland.org website: Scholarships

These scholarships support inward mobility for students from four of our priority international markets.