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Chemistry students at Edinburgh University

The Scottish Government is committed to delivering on its overall Purpose of increasing sustainable economic growth and National Outcomes, particularly National Outcome 3 (We are better educated, more skilled and more successful, renowned for our research and innovation).

The Scottish Government’s Higher Education and Science Division has responsibility for the future provision and funding of higher education and university research. This includes the investment in institutions and students as well as the broad range of access opportunities through articulation, undergraduate, postgraduate and international activities and partnerships. This section covers the Scottish Government's international work with colleges and universities, all of which relates closely to the themes outlined in the Government's International Framework, International Policy Statement and Action Plan on EU Engagement.

Support for Connected Scotland

The Scottish Government is a partner in the new collaboration known as Connected Scotland, formed to enhance our global connections and international profile for our higher education exports – one of Scotland’s seven economic growth sectors.

The Scottish Government works closely with all the Connected Scotland partners:

  • to encourage and facilitate mobility for greater employability;
  • to lead the enhancement of our international research; and
  • to develop transnational education opportunities.

Learner Mobility

Participating fully in the European Higher Education Area, the Scottish Government support students to move between educational opportunities directly via Erasmus+ and the Portability Pilot being conducted by SAAS. Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships and are offered to encourage inward mobility from Canada, China, India, Pakistan and the USA.  In 2014-15 the Scottish Government funded a one-year project by National Union of Students Scotland to expand awareness and uptake of these opportunities among learners.  The Scottish Government also has a role in coordinating and sharing information on international HE activity undertaken by our partners, for example through the International Lifelong Learning Network quarterly updates.

The Scottish Government also contributes funding to a number of organisations and programmes for international education, including:

Live and work in Scotland

For information about opportunities to live and work in Scotland please go to http://www.talentscotland.com/

International student numbers

Statistics on international students in Scotland are included within the annual publications of Lifelong Learning statistics.