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Economy introduction

Scotland's economy

Scotland is a wealthy and competitive economy, founded on the skills and innovation of its people and businesses.

Scotland has strengths in a diverse range of sectors including Food and Drink, Financial and Business Services, Life Sciences, Energy, Tourism and Creative Industries. Scotland also has a global reputation for manufacturing excellence, and innovative new technology sectors.

Economy sub section

  • Enterprise and Skills review

    Our review of the support offered by our enterprise and skills agencies to ensure that our young people, businesses, workforce, training providers, universities and colleges all receive the joined-up support they need.

  • Government Economists

    Brief overview of the role of economists within the Scottish Government.

  • Cyber Resilience

    More on our commitment to building cyber resilience amongst our communities, our businesses and our public services.

  • Publications

    Recent publications relating to the Scottish economy

  • Scotland CAN DO Innovation Forum

    Papers from the Scotland CAN DO Innovation Forum.

  • National Economic Forum

    The Government’s commitment to engage fully with a broad range of business interests to influence the development and effective delivery of key policy initiatives.

  • Digital Scotland

    Ensuring Scotland takes full avantage of the opportunities of the digital age.