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Page 3 – Evidence-gathering


The Scottish Government has compiled a comprehensive evidence-base into UOG (hydraulic fracturing and coalbed methane) to examine the potential environmental, health and economic impacts and to inform our evidence-led approach. This has included commissioning a report by an Independent Expert Scientific Panel, and commissioning a series of research projects to explore certain issues in more detail.

The Independent Expert Scientific Panel report was published in July 2014 and can be viewed here: http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2014/07/1758.

On 08 October 2015, the Scottish Government lodged a Statement with the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) setting out details of the consultation timetable and programme of evidence gathering.  The timetable can be found below.

On 09 December 2015, the Scottish Government commenced the tendering of research projects.

Commissioned research projects

The following reports were published on 08 November 2016: