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Scotland's Energy Strategy

The Scottish Energy Strategy, published in December 2017 and the first of its kind, sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for the future energy system in Scotland.

The Strategy describes the ways in which the Scottish Government will strengthen the development of local energy, protect and empower consumers, and support Scotland’s climate change ambitions while tackling poor energy provision.

The vision is guided by three core principles:

  • A whole-system view – broadening the focus of the Scottish Government’s energy policy to include heat and transport, alongside electricity and energy efficiency – creating an integrated approach which recognises the effect that each element of the energy system has on the others.

  • An inclusive energy transition – recognising that the transition to a low carbon economy over the coming decades must happen in a way that tackles inequality and poverty, and promotes a fair and inclusive jobs market.

  • A smarter local energy model – enabling a smarter, more coordinated, approach to planning and meeting distinct local energy needs that will link with developments at the national scale.

Built around the following six energy priorities, the Strategy will guide the decisions that the Scottish Government, working with partner organisations, needs to make over the coming decades:

  • Promote consumer engagement and protect consumers from excessive costs

  • Champion Scotland’s renewable energy potential, creating new jobs and supply chain opportunities

  • Improve the energy efficiency of Scotland’s homes, buildings, industrial processes and manufacturing

  • Continue to support investment and innovation across our oil and gas sector, including exploration, innovation, subsea engineering, decommissioning and carbon capture and storage

  • Ensure homes and businesses can continue to depend on secure, resilient and flexible energy supplies

  • Empower communities by supporting innovative local energy systems and networks

The Strategy includes a range of actions to deliver the Scottish Government’s goals, including a £20 million Energy Investment Fund, which will build on the success of the Renewable Energy Investment Fund, and a £60 million Low Carbon Innovation Fund, to provide dedicated support for renewable and low carbon infrastructure over and above wider interventions to support innovation across the economy.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

The Energy Strategy has been influenced by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), carried out in accordance with the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005. The purpose of SEA is to minimise potential negative effects of plans and strategies on the environment and to enhance positive effects.  All documents associated with the SEA process for the Energy Strategy are available on the Scottish Government’s SEA database.

The joint Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report for the Climate Change Plan and Energy Strategy is available here: http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2017/01/9030

The Energy Strategy Strategic Environmental Assessment Post Adoption Statement is available here:

Strategic Environmental Assessment – Post Adoption Statement