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Energy: Grid Connections

pylonsGood electricity grid connection is essential to the social and economic wellbeing of communities in every part of Scotland. Scotland's grid system needs significant reinforcement to ensure that Scotland delivers its energy potential, maintains security in our energy supply to homes, communities and businesses, and meets our Renewable Energy generation targets and Climate Change commitments.

Scotland faces significant challenges in grid capacity constraints and infrastructure development requirements, underpinned by a regulatory regime that is no longer fit for purpose, and needs to encourage a broad energy mix.

The Scottish Government works closely with UK Government, National Grid, Scottish Hydroelectric Transmission Limited and Scottish Power Transmission Limited, together with energy regulator, Ofgem to address grid capacity and access constraints. The Government's goal is to deliver Scotland's significant energy potential. It also aims to ensure that renewable and small generators do not face significant connection delays, unnecessarily high costs or administrative burdens in applying for or obtaining connection to distribution networks.

Response to the UK Government's Electricity Market Reform consultation - December 2010