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Energy Consents - Legislation

Relevant Legislation - Section 36 & 37

Electricity Generation & Transmission/Distribution

pylonsApplications to construct and operate power stations of a certain capacity are made to Scottish Ministers under section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989. Applications to vary existing consents which were granted under Section 36 are made under Section 36C of the Electricity Act 1989. Applications for overhead lines are made under section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989.

The following set of regulations apply to applications made under section 36, Section 36C and section 37 and should be particularly noted by developers:

A consent under section 36 and section 37 of the Electricity Act 1989 usually carries with it deemed planning permission from the Scottish Ministers under section 57 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997.

Marine Development

Further information is available from Marine Scotland.

Gas Pipelines

The following regulations apply to applications for pipelines:


The Electricity (Applications for Consent) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2013