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Scotland Heat Map - Data validation and improvement

Great care has been taken to ensure the Scotland Heat Map is as accurate as possible.  However, with such a large data set, errors will occur.  For this reason yearly updates have been planned as part of the iterative cycle of the heat map.

Data Gathering

From pilot versions we learned that local knowledge is invaluable in finding and correcting these errors.

How to validate and provide new data

Details of the validation process can be found in 2.3 Validation & improvement. Data improvement and more detailed evaluation is planned following each update.

Please contact heatmap@scotland.gsi.gov.uk if your organisation would like to provide data for the heat map.

Many organisations, such as Local Authorities, other public sector bodies, universities and colleges have already provided data. The Scottish Government is developing a new extension to its ProcXed data collection tool to make providing data easier in the future.

Data Collection – ProcXed

ProcXed is the Scottish Government’s online data uploading and validation software that supports organisations in collecting and validating data.  The software allows validation checks to be carried out at point of entry which helps reduce the number of queries that are made on the data returns. Organisations that already provided building energy data for the Scotland heat map will be asked to use ProcXed in the future. The building energy process is being developed in partnership with Resource Efficient Scotland and the Scottish Energy Officers Network. We are testing the tool and will make it available soon.

New Users

If you are interested in uploading data corrections for the Scotland Heat Map contact: heatmap@scotland.gsi.gov.uk.


For any further questions not covered in the guidance documents please contact heatmap@scotland.gsi.gov.uk.