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Community And Renewable Energy Scheme

Scottish Government Community And Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES)

The CARES loan fund was announced by the Scottish Government on 15th February 2011. It is a new scheme which aims to provide loans towards the high risk, pre-planning consent stages of renewable energy projects which have significant community engagement and benefit. The scheme is managed on behalf of Scottish Ministers by localenergyscotland.org.


To support the development of locally-owned renewable energy projects which provide wider community benefits.

Loan finance will be available to cover the pre-planning consent (high risk) stage of project development, a high risk cost which is widely seen as a barrier to community groups and smaller businesses who would otherwise wish to develop a project.

Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate the highest value of wider community benefit.

Key Features

  • Any renewable energy project, up to 5 MW, requiring financial outlay prior to planning consent is, in principle, eligible
  • Loans of up to £150,000
  • Cover up to 90% of agreed costs
  • Security not required
  • Fixed interest rate at 10%
  • Local advice and support available
  • Competitive process
  • Finance provided in stages according to agreed drawdown schedule

Expressions of Interest Received

A list of the Expressions of Interest forms received for the loan fund is available.