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Energy sources in Scotland

Scotland accounts for around nine per cent of the UK's total energy consumption, but is rich in energy resources.

The great majority of the UK's oil production and around half of its gas production comes from fields based in the continental shelf around Scotland, and mines in Scotland are responsible for around a quarter of the UK's coal production.

Scotland's practical offshore renewables resource has been estimated at 206 GW. By harnessing around a third of this resource, installed offshore renewables capacity could reach 68 GW by 2050 - more than ten times our peak demand.  Around 20 per cent of the electricity generated in Scotland is exported to the rest of the UK and our renewables capacity continues to rise. With nearly 7 gigawatts of renewable energy now either installed or in the pipeline, we are well on our way to meeting our baseline target - for renewables to generate the equivalent of 100 per cent of gross annual electricity demand by 2020.