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Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme - Eligibility Criteria

Project Eligibility Criteria

Projects will be expected to provide full details in the application form, with supporting financial information, demonstrating how the project meets the required eligibility criteria. The projects will then be assessed by the LCITP project team.

The LCITP will consider support for projects in the following areas:

  • low carbon and/or renewable electricity and heat generation
  • local energy economies
  • heat recovery (e.g. district heating)
  • energy storage and distributed energy systems
  • hydrogen
  • demand side management and active network management
  • innovative/ local finance solutions and investor readiness for low carbon projects
  • energy efficiency (e.g. non-domestic building retrofit)

It is anticipated that eligible projects will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • falling within the agreed subject/topic areas outlined above
  • an innovative approach to cross sector collaboration to ensure successful project delivery
  • the potential to deliver significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions (MtCO2e) and/or energy consumption
  • the ability to attract other sources of funding that make a significant contribution towards the cost of the project
  • the potential to have a positive and significant social and economic impact on Scotland
  • community engagement and/or potential for community investment; and
  • the ability to demonstrate directly the added benefits that can be delivered through LCITP support

LCITP will not generally support:

Projects which can already access existing full support and/or funding. The LCITP works jointly with sector partners that deliver support in other areas and may be able to signpost applicants to alternative funding schemes where possible.

Specific exclusions include:

  • research and development of technology
  • marine/offshore wind energy
  • sustainable transport
  • domestic energy efficiency
  • capital investment into commercial renewable development (except where it has a community focus)
  • established technologies
  • any project work that falls under pre-catalyst phase (e.g. masterplanning)

Applicants should know that as the LCITP is a new programme, the eligibility criteria will be reviewed as the programme develops and evolves and therefore may be subject to change.