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Energy Efficiency Action Plan

The Conserve and Save: Energy Efficiency Action Plan reaffirms our ambitious energy efficiency and microgeneration agenda for Scotland. It sets out our wide-ranging programme of activity on Energy Assistance Package behaviour change, household, business and public sector energy efficiency, infrastructure, skills, and finance. It builds on the consultation paper and the responses to it, and is a key component of our broader approach to meeting Scotland's climate change targets and securing the transition to a low carbon economy in Scotland.

The plan sets a framework for energy efficiency and microgeneration that furthers our climate change, economic and social agendas. It drives the cost-effective action required if Scotland is to meet its challenging statutory emissions reduction targets of at least 80% by 2050 and 42% by 2020, as set out in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. In doing so, it seeks to create employment, promote new technologies, and secure wider economic benefits for the low carbon economy. By reducing energy consumption, it aims to reduce costs for consumers whilst improving levels of comfort, and to improve Scotland's security of energy supply.

Our key actions relating to energy efficiency include to:

  • improve the energy efficiency of all our housing stock to meet the demands of the future;
  • establish a single energy and resource efficiency service for Scottish businesses;
  • develop a public sector that leads the way through exemplary energy performance and provides the blueprint for a low carbon Scotland;
  • reduce our transport energy demand, transforming how we use our transport systems;
  • promote infrastructure improvements, e.g. by developing a sustainable heat supply; and
  • ensure that people are appropriately skilled to take up the opportunities.

We will progress the actions in this plan through engagement with partners and the public as an integral part of our ongoing work to develop proposals and policies for climate change and make the transition to the low carbon economy. This is a priority area for Scottish Government and will remain a key focus of our activity over the coming months, years and decades.

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