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Energy efficiency policy in Scotland

Improving energy efficiency is widely recognised as the easiest and most cost-effective means of reducing carbon emissions. Being more energy efficient offers tremendous financial benefits - industry and society can achieve more with less energy, public services are delivered at lower cost, and fuel poverty is reduced. Better insulated buildings and more energy efficient workplaces cut energy bills for householders and businesses. Reducing demand also puts less pressure on energy supplies. However, this can only be achieved with significant changes to the behaviour of individuals, communities, businesses and the public sector.

By providing advice and financial incentives to improve energy efficiency, the Scottish Government is striving to change behaviour and fulfil its own responsibilities to promote a more energy efficient way of life to the people of Scotland.

We have also set an ambitious target to reduce total final energy consumption in Scotland over the period to 2020 by 12%.

We set out our wide-ranging programme of activity on behaviour change, household, business and public sector energy efficiency, infrastructure, skills, and finance in Conserve and Save: The Energy Efficiency Action Plan for Scotland. This was a statutory requirement of Section 60 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.