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Action on energy in Scotland

Wind farm

The Scottish Government plans to move towards a low carbon economy in Scotland, as part of the Government's overarching Economic Strategy, and is supporting economic recovery with our 10 energy pledges.

Scotland plays, and will continue to play, a key role in the UK, European and global energy economy through the Energy Policy for Europe and our 2020 Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland. Scotland will aim to become a global leader in developing solutions to the challenge of climate change.

Scotland's renewable energy targets:

  • 100% electricity demand equivalent from renewables by 2020
  • Interim target of 50% electricity demand equivalent from renewables by 2015
  • 11% heat demand from renewables by 2020
  • At least 30% overall energy demand from renewables by 2020
  • 500 MW community and locally-owned renewable energy by 2020

The Scottish Government has an ambitious renewable energy policy and encourages you to help make a difference too. By providing advice and financial incentives to improve energy efficiency, the Scottish Government is striving to change behaviour and fulfil its own responsibilities to promote a more energy efficient way of life to the people of Scotland.