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Business, Industry & Energy

Business, Industry & Energy

The Government aims to ensure long-term sustainable economic growth. There are a range of policies in place aimed at helping to increase productivity levels.

This should create a business environment which actively encourages innovation, entrepreneurialism and high skill levels, helping to encourage the creation, growth and transformation of businesses.

Fair Work

  • Business Support

    Information on a range of initiatives to encourage business start-ups and grow existing businesses.

  • Science, Technology & Innovation

    Increasing competitiveness and improving Scotland's economic performance in today's knowledge-based economy.

  • Enterprise

    Fostering economic growth in Scotland.

  • Water Industry

    The water industry in Scotland. Creating a modern, effective and publicly-owned water and sewage industry.

  • Energy

    Information on energy in Scotland.

  • Food and Drink

    Promoting Scotland's food and drink industries and the National Food and Drink Policy.

  • Tourism

    Tourism is an important element in the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Scotland.

  • Financial Services

    Information on Financial Services in Scotland.