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National Planning Framework National Developments

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The NPF can designate “national developments”, which are in the national interest. Over 200 candidate national developments were proposed as part of the initial Call for Candidate National Developments.

Fourteen national developments are contained in the Proposed NPF3.  Following the public consultation on the Main Issues Report, there are two additional national developments with others being re-defined.  The fourteen are:

  1. Ravenscraig
  2. Dundee Waterfront
  3. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Network and Thermal Generation
  4. High Voltage Energy Transmission Network
  5. Pumped Hydroelectric Storage
  6. Central Scotland Green Network
  7. Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership
  8. National Long Distance Cycling and Walking Network
  9. High Speed Rail
  10. Strategic Airport Enhancements
  11. Grangemouth Investment Zone
  12. Freight Handling Capacity on the Forth
  13. Aberdeen Harbour
  14. National Digital Fibre Network