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Local Housing System Analysis: Good Practice Guide

While we have sought to be as comprehensive as possible, there will be situations where further reading will be necessary. The Bibliography provides a list of references that cover most situations, and links have been provided throughout.

The purpose of this good practice guide is to provide practical assistance on how to carry out Local Housing System Analysis (LHSA). Specifically, the guide will:

  • provide a description of the policy contexts within which housing analysis needs to be undertaken in Scotland
  • explain why it is essential to adopt a system based perspective in undertaking housing analysis
  • describe what a systems based perspective on housing analysis involves
  • provide a framework for identifying, assessing and monitoring imbalances in a local housing system over time
  • review the techniques and data sources that can be used to undertake LHSA
  • provide examples of good practice in LHSA and information on how to follow up specific issues

It would be impossible for one guide to provide an exhaustive or definitive discussion of every analytical, methodological or data issue that those undertaking LHSA may have to confront.


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1. Local Housing System Analysis (LHSA): an introduction

2. Housing and related planning in Scotland and the role of the LHSA

3. The housing system

4. Housing system boundaries

5. The economy and local housing systems

6. Demography and local housing systems

7. Housing supply

8. Social renting

9. Owner occupation

10. Private renting

11. Community care housing needs assessment

12. Housing needs assessment and LHSA

13. Imbalances in a local housing system

Annex 1: Bibliography

Annex 2: Properties of housing systems

Annex 3: Data sources

Annex 4: Glossary

Annex 5: Issues in assessing quality of, and handling data

Annex 6: Geographies of interest

Annex 7: Commissioning research and surveys

Annex 8: Describing housing supply

Annex 9: Social rented housing

Annex 10: Making best use of Sasine/Land Register baseline monitoring report

Annex 11: Issues in community care housing needs assessment

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