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Guidance and Advice

In addition to specific guidance to produce HNDA, wider guidance is also set out below.

Guidance Documents




HNDA Guidance (2014)

Full set of guidance for the production of HNDAs

Scottish Government
Local Housing Strategy Guidance (2014)

Sets out key changes to the format and detail of local housing strategies in accordance with the new concordat between local and central government.

Scottish Government
Scottish Planning Policy (2014)

A statement of the Scottish Government's policy on nationally important land use planning matters.

Scottish Government

Local Housing System Analysis Good Practice Guide Practical assistance on how to carry out local housing system analysis. Scottish Government

Collecting Equality Information (2008)

Information on how to collect and disseminate statistics about the equality strands of age, ethnic group, gender and religion/belief.

Scottish Government
HNDA Guidance (2008) This is provided for archive purposes and was superseded by refreshed guidance in 2014 (see link above). Scottish Government