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Policy and Legislation

In 2000, the Housing Improvement Task Force (HITF) was established to comprehensively review housing policy in relation to the condition of private sector housing in Scotland. The findings of the task force form the basis for the Scottish Government's overall policy to improve the standard of private housing.

The HITF report, Stewardship and Responsibility: a policy framework for private housing in Scotland, was published in 2003. You can also view all the background papers of the task force on this site.

In 2004, a consultation paper, Maintaining Houses, Preserving Homes, made proposals for legislation, responding to recommendations made by the HITF.

The proposals for legislation led to the introduction of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, which covers a wide range of powers in relation to housing standards, private renting and information on the sale of houses.

One of the HITF recommendations was about property managers. The Scottish Government's response to the OFT report on Property Managers and accompanying press release shows the current position. The Scottish Government is working with stakeholders to develop an industry-led voluntary accreditation scheme for property managers and minutes of meetings show how this is being considered.

The Private Owners section provides more information on housing standards and Scheme of Assistance for housing purposes, which parts 1 and 2 of the Act set out.