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Is your landlord registered?

All private landlords must register with their local authority to ensure that they are a "fit and proper person" to let property. It is an offence to let any house without being registered.

Information for Tenants

Anyone can find themselves living in private rented housing at some point in their lives.

  • Students
  • Young people leaving home
  • Working away from home
  • Moving to a new area
  • Saving up to buy
  • Rural communities
  • Accommodation with employment
  • Choosing to rent long-term

It's usually relatively easy to get somewhere to rent, it's flexible, and for many people it works very well. But it's always better to be clear from the start about what your rights are and what is expected of you in return, and where to go for advice if problems do come up.

Some landlords take a very professional approach, but others have less formal arrangements and may not know about good practice. Don't leave it up to them, use this website to get yourself informed and get the best out of your renting experience.

Houses, flats and hostels where three or more unrelated people live (not counting the owner and their family) are known as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), and are required to have a licence from the local authority. For more information see Houses in Multiple Occupation.

If you have a current problem with your housing and need individual advice, please go to the Advice section to find organisations which can help you.

All landlords, with a few exceptions, are now required to register with their local authority, to make sure they are fit and proper to be letting property and protect tenants from bad practice. The information on this site sets out the law and good practice landlords should comply with to be considered fit and proper.

The Scottish Government wants to improve standards in private renting. Read the section on the Scottish Government's current and proposed activity aimed at improving standards in private rented housing.