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Section 6 (energy) - information for October 2015


**October 2015 Changes - Dissemination Events Slides**

This page contains the new edition of Section 6 (energy) of the Technical Handbooks, together with relevant supporting information. These provisions apply from October 2015 but were published a year in advance to support investigation into and the development of solutions to meet the new standards.  Early publication of revised guidance also supports the Action Plan for October 2015 recommended in the 2013 update of The Sullivan Report (see below).

These documents will be moved to the main Technical Handbooks webpage in May 2015 to coincide with any further amendments to other sections of the Technical Handbooks which arise from other consultations.

Revised Technical Handbooks

Supporting guidance

NCM Software

  • SAP 2012 – Refer to the BRE SAP 2012 website for the status of software approved for use in Scotland to demonstrate compliance with standard 6.1 from October 2015.
  • SBEM v5.2 – iSBEM v5.2f for Scotland for use in Scotland to demonstrate compliance with standard 6.1 from October 2015  will be published on the NCM website. Refer to the s6 software page for current information on the status of third party SBEM/DSM software approved to demonstrate compliance with standard 6.1 from 1 October 2015.

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Action Plan for October 2015

In announcing the new energy standards on 25 September 2013 Derek Mackay, Minister for Planning, noted that early publication of the new standards and guidance should also offer a valuable period in which industry and government can work together to successfully deliver the improved standards.

To enable this, a collaboration web space was set up to support discussion and partnership working in preparation for implementation of the new standards. Information on this process and how to become involved is provided below.

Action Plan – introduction, terms of reference and how to get involved