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 Research Projects from 2010

Project Details

Snow loads in Scotland Comparison of BS EN 1991-1-3 and BS 6399: Part 3 for small buildings
Contractor: Building Research Establishment
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2010-11

This project determined whether the replacement of withdrawn British Standards with Eurocodes (BS EN 1991-1-3) has made snow loading more onerous in terms of small buildings as defined in clause 4.3.2 of BS 6399-3:1988; and recommended a simplified method based on BS 6399: Part 3 Clause 4.3.2.

Final report


Research Projects prior to 2010

Reports for research projects list below can be obtained by emailing buildingstandards@scotland.gsi.gov.uk





Preparation of windmaps for Scotland

Revised methodology for determining maximum allowable building heights.


Building Research Establishment, Scotland


Structural impacts on buildings of solar hot water collectors and photovoltaic tiles and panels

Loading on buildings where solar hot water collectors and photovoltaic tiles or panels are fitted to the walls or roofs.


Building Research Establishment, Scotland


Small Buildings Guide - Guidance for timber frame extensions

Guidance on single story timber frame extensions, with masonry overleaf.

Napier University


Natural Stone Masonry in Modern Scottish Construction: A guide for designers and constructors

Provide appropriate guidance on design and construction.

Scottish Stone Liaison Group




Stone Masonry: Guidance on Design & Construction

Review the need to  develop on-line guidance on the design and construction of stone masonry for both new build and existing buildings.

Building Research Establishment, Scotland


Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety for Scottish Buildings (SCOTCROSS)

Information collected from Local Authorities in Scotland on materials and debris that has fallen from buildings.

Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS)