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Research Projects from 2010

Project Details

Assessment of current position in Scotland regarding opening light restrictors in domestic buildings
Contractor: BRE
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2016/17

This research investigated whether there is evidence that additional guidance should be provided within the Technical Handbooks in respect of installing window opening light restrictors to new windows in dwellings, to offer additional protection to occupants, particularly children, from the possibility of accidental falls.

Final report

Intervention at an early stage to create tailor-made wheelchair accessible homes from building regulations compliant design
Contractor:  Anderson Bell + Christie
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2016/17

The aim of this research was to establish the ‘window of opportunity’ for a purchaser to intervene in the ‘buying off plan’ process.  Also, the assistance that developers can offer in this regard and to establish the cost premium associated with such intervention.  Note, this research was not aimed at supporting prospective changes to the building standards system, it was simply looking at a way of increasing the supply of tailor-made wheelchair accessible housing to the right people and in the right location.

This piece of work is useful for anyone commissioning a housebuilder to reconfigure a standard house type as it helps them approach such a venture from an informed point of view.  Scottish Government officials intend to meet with housebuilders to discuss the barriers (perceived or otherwise) to them carrying within their portfolio of house types, a range of layouts reconfigured for wheelchair users.  Scottish Government are aware from recent statistics that over 90% of new-build social rented housing meets Housing for Varying Needs standards in terms of the ability to be adapted. We intend to do further research to establish the number of private sector completions that also achieve a comparable standard of adaptability.

Final Report

Assessment of methods of cleaning of glazing in buildings
Contractor: BRE
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2015/16

This project will review the current guidance for high level window/glazing cleaning and accident prevention measures for buildings so ensure that guidance within the building regulations remains fit for purpose.

The report is being used to inform policy.


Research Projects prior to 2010

Reports for research projects list below can be obtained by emailing buildingstandards@scotland.gsi.gov.uk





Survey of the size of windows and security specifications

Project to collect information on windows and security specifications on new houses.

Scottish Building Standards Agency


Impact of proposed changes to standards to facilitate the use of Dwellings

Project to evaluate implications of proposed changes to the Scottish Building regulations.

John Gilbert, Architects


Scoping study of provision to avoid finger trapping by doors in retail, educational and domestic buildings

Project to consider the guidance and precautions currently used to limit the incidents of finger trapping in non-domestic sectors, particularly in retail, educational, and assembly buildings.

Building Research Establishment, Scotland


A Guide to Inclusive Design in relation to the Planning and Building Standards Systems in Scotland

Planning Advice Note (PAN) 78 on Inclusive Design is a joint publication between the Scottish Building Standards and the Executive's Development Department.

Tom Lister Associates


Space Standards in Dwelling

Research to consider the provision of space in housing since the abolition of mandatory space standards.