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Certification Guidance

Certification Guidance leaflets

Procedural Guidance on Certification including Information to be submitted with a Building Warrant Application

Certification Register Online Survey Report

Scheme Provider Guidance

Building Structure Certification Guidance (letter to Building Standards Managers - October 7, 2005)

Structural Engineers Registration Ltd (SER Ltd) has published the following Technical Bulletins:

SER Technical Bulletin 1 - Certification of Contractor Designed Details
SER Technical Bulletin 2 - Guidelines for Checking the Structural Design of Buildings.
SER Technical Bulletin 3 - Certification of the Design of Timber Framed Structures
SER Technical Bulletin 4 - Certifying the Structural Design of Conservatories
SER Technical Bulletin 5 - Certifying The Structural Design Of Protective Barriers
SER Technical Bulletin 6 - Certification of the Design of Glazing Systems

Fees payable to Building Standards Division for Certification activities on behalf of Scottish Ministers