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People in hard hatsThe Building (Scotland) Act 2003 permits the design or construction of building work to be certified by qualified, experienced, and reputable building professionals and tradespeople as complying with the building regulations without the need for detailed scrutiny of designs or inspections by local authorities.

Certification is an optional procedure for the implementation of building regulations in Scotland and is only relevant to work that requires a building warrant.

Certification may only be undertaken by an approved certifier of design or an approved certifier of construction who is registered in an appropriate approved certification scheme and, where relevant, holds the appropriate designation(s) in such a scheme. They must also be employed by a body (a business or other body) that has been approved as adopting suitably professional practice to provide a certification service, including quality assurance procedures to check compliance with building regulations and is registered in an appropriate approved certification scheme.

Approved certifiers are directly responsible for the work that is certified but may certify work by others if they take appropriate steps to ensure that the work conforms to the building regulations.

A Certification Handbook has been produced to assist in the implementation of this procedure.

Building Standards Division, on behalf of the Scottish Ministers, host the on-line certification register of approved certifiers of design, approved certifiers of construction, approved bodies, certification scheme providers, and certification schemes. The on-line register is the only authoritative source of information about certification and is updated weekly.

Building Standards Division may charge fees for handling applications and conducting audits, please see Guide on Fees. As from 1 January 2010, all fees charged in connection with certification work are deferred.

From 1 July 2017 the Building (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 makes important changes to the fees regulations.  This means that –

  • There are increased discounts for presenting a certificate from an approved certifier of design or approved certifier of construction
  • The warrant fee can be discounted when the applicant advises in writing that they intend to submit a certificate of design after they have made their application but before the warrant is granted

Certification leaflets


Building Standards Certification in Scotland - Report from the Building Standards Certification workshop held on 24 September 2014


Approved Certifier Registration Mark

Approved Certifier Registration Mark



An Approved Certifier Registration Mark (shown below left) has been developed for use by all registered Approved Certifiers and Approved Bodies. The use of the registration mark will raise the profile of Approved Certifiers and help to promote and encourage the uptake of certification services.



School building siteThe registration mark will help members of the public easily identify and employ tradespeople and building professionals who are recognised as being experienced, well qualified and competent. It will give assurance to your customers that work is being done by suitably qualified professionals and that it will comply with building regulations.

Approved Bodies should contact their scheme provider to obtain a copy of the registration mark along with the guidelines and conditions applicable to its use. Permission to use the registration mark is dependent on continuing membership of a certification scheme. Withdrawal of the right to use the registration mark lies with the scheme provider and any unauthorised use will be pursued in conjunction with Trading Standards.