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Thursday 24/12/1998

A Workforce in Transition: The Careers and Experiences of the Staff of Social Work Departments - Research Findings [Research]

Research to examine the careers and experiences of staff working in two Scottish local authorities.

Car Dependence in Rural Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

This research was on the nature of car dependence and the possible implications of increasing the costs of car use.

Challenging and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour in People with Learning Disabilities: A Literature Review - Research Findings [Research]

This research provides a review of recent research literature and the guidance available to agencies.

Child Sexual Abusers - Research Findings [Research]

This large study of records of 500 known child sex abusers in Scotland provides a better understanding of the nature and circumstances of child sex abuse.

Deciding in Children's Interests - Research Findings [Research]

The study of decision making was commissioned by The Scottish Office as part of a programme of research to evaluate the operation of the Scottish Children's Hearings system.

Dedicated Resources: Dedicated Responses Evaluation of the Mental Illness Specific Grant - Research Findings [Research]

This study was undertaken to review those projects funded under the MISG.

Delivering Community Care: Initial Implementation of Care Management in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

Research programme evaluating the early implementation of the 1990 NHS & Community Care Act. It examined the contrasting models of care management & sought the perspectives of practitioners, users & carers.

Fostering Good Relations: A Study of Fostering and Foster Carers in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

Study of supply and retention of foster carers in Scotland

Good Practice in the Use of Licensing Schemes for Houses in Multiple Occupation in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

This research was commissioned to evaluate current practice with discretionary schemes with a view to producing good practice guidance for the implementation of future mandatory licensing.

Making it Safe to Speak? A Study of Witness Intimidation and Protection in Strathclyde - Research Findings [Research]

Drawing on both quantitative and qualitative research, this study examined the extent and nature of witness intimidation in Strathclyde.

Measuring Competence in Physical Restraint Skills in Residential Child Care - Research Findings [Research]

Study aimed to design and test measuring instruments which could be used to assess the competence of trainees and practitioners in their use of three specific physical restraint techniques.

Monitoring of Retail Developments - Research Findings [Research]

This work was commissioned to provide advice on the design, content and implementation of a system to enable regular monitoring of retail development activity.

Pathways to Welfare for Pakistani Elderly People in Glasgow - Research Findings [Research]

This research explored the patterns of welfare and mutual care of Pakistani elderly people and their families in Glasgow, with particular reference to use or lack of use of social work services.

Pre-Trial Bail Services in Scotland: An Evaluation of Two Pilot Bail Information and Accommodation Schemes - Research Findings [Research]

This evaluates two pilot projects which were designed to provide independently verified information relating to the personal circumstances of bail applicants which would assist bail decisions.

Readiness to Practice: The Training of Social Workers in Scotland and their First Year in Practice - Research Findings [Research]

The findings described here set out the views and perceptions of 130 newly qualified social workers in Scotland about their training and their first year in work.

Research on the General Permitted Development Order and Related Mechanisms - Research Findings [Research]

The research was commissioned by The Scottish Office to review elements of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO).

Residential Care in the Integration of Child Care Services - Research Findings [Research]

Research to identify the role of residential care in relation to other forms of child care provision.

Scoping Study on E-coli 0157 in Water - Research Findings [Research]

The overall aims of the study were to identify gaps in current knowledge about the potential threats of E.coli 0157 to drinking water.

Social Work and Criminal Justice: Community Based Throughcare - Research Findings [Research]

The aim of this study is to examine the process and outcomes of community-based throughcare.

Social Work and Criminal Justice: Early Arrangements - Research Findings [Law, Order and Public Safety]

It examines the initial responses of key criminal justice decision-makers and Scottish Office officials to early arrangements for policy implementation.

Showing: 17621 to 17640 of 17739